IDÉ House of Brands works to strengthen our customers' brands and relationships by being a comprehensive supplier of product media.
Through innovative and customized profile products, concepts and solutions, we make the company's profile and core values ​​visible.



We help you all the way - from idea, design and concept to production, warehousing and delivery. Of course we make clothes and products with profiling, but also gifts, giveaways, expo materials and special productions. We are specialists in product media. It comes through long experience and constantly updating market trends. We have the knowledge and security in guiding you to the right product that also gives the best effect and the greatest ROI.



Corporate social responsibility for us means a long-term commitment to succeed commercially through working methods that respect ethical values, people, the environment and nature.

Since the start in 1987, we have worked to maintain a leading position in the market. This is reflected not least through the measures we take to ensure our commitment and focus on the environment, quality, fair trade and increased value creation in society. We take environmental challenges seriously and want to contribute to a better global environment.

Ethical trade is important for our business and as members of the Initiative for Ethical Trade (IEH), we undertake a wide range of obligations. IEH is a leader in ethical trade in the Nordic region and provides us with both important tools and resources to be able to work with ethical trade in an efficient and quality-assured manner.

Since 2004, we are ISO certified for both environmental management (ISO 14001) and quality management (ISO 9001). The ISO requirements help us to clarify which areas we can improve locally for a better environment globally.



In sales, marketing and own production, we want to be a driving force for our customers to make the choice to shop more environmentally friendly. Several of our customers are environmentally conscious and it is satisfying for us to be able to meet your requirements for more environmentally friendly products. As a customer of IDÉ House of Brands, you always have the opportunity to choose a more environmental friendly alternative from quality-assured suppliers. We also focus on a good quality of our products to provide long durability and help you design sustainability criteria for your particular product media.

Through our purchases, we influence producers to reduce or completely switch to more environmentally friendly materials, reduce packaging and streamline distribution and logistics throughout the chain.

We work to ensure that social responsibility is an integral part of our business by:

  • Use suppliers who work with sustainability

  • Continuously evaluate and conduct risk analyzes

  • Visit the factories

  • Conduct third party inspections

  • Have sustainable value creation and continuous improvement as a driving force in everything we do

  • Evaluate the suppliers' willingness to improve the standard in ethical trade and the environment



Through continuous development and improvement, we have been approved for audit. We are very proud to be approved according to the new updated ISO standard. The certifications benefit both our customers and us. Structured quality assurance and efficient processes mean that we can provide our customers with better and more even service from all our offices in the Nordic region.

ISO 14001 Environmental management system

ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems and helps to create systems to reduce the organization's negative impact on the environment. This includes energy consumption, waste management, compliance with regulations and environmental legislation, requirements for suppliers and resource use. By reducing the negative environmental impact and establishing a sustainable organizational model, we can save both costs and energy while taking care of the environment for future generations. The standard was updated in 2015 with updated requirements and better coordination with other management systems. The ISO standard uses the so-called PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) method.

ISO 9001 Quality management system

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management and describes how you can continuously meet the quality requirements that meet the customer's expectations. The standard takes special account of the complex supply chain that our business must relate to. ISO 9001 was also updated in 2015 to become more relevant for today's and tomorrow's society.