How to choose green product media?

The EU commission selects the European Green Capital of each year, and Oslo wore this denomination with pride in 2019. Oslo's goal  was to be an example and a role model for other cities, both nationally and internationally when it comes to challenges in relation to the climate and the environment. The title European Green Capital 2019 represents a responsibility that belongs to all the citizens of the city. What can we who live and do commerce in Oslo do to contribute to green growth, how can we make greener choices?

IDÉ took a stand early to become an environmentally friendly company. We were the first company in our industry to become ISO certified in 2008. Since then, ISO has represented the value base when it comes to everything from freight to product packaging, and we were certified again in 2018, tenth year in a row.

Read more about IDÉ environment plicy here.

"We work systematically to improve systems internally, logistics and new solutions for more environmentally sound packaging. Our customers shall rest assured that we will choose the most environmentally friendly alternative available based on the criteria in each situation." Says Nina Lauritzen, owner and Market director of IDÉ.

We wish to work closely with our customers to be able to offer even more improved sustainable and green comprehensive solutions.  See how you can be ecologically aware when purchasing promotional products..

Are you ready for the green environmental wave??

  1. Become environmentally certified
    An environmental management system helps the company to systemize the work with continuous environmental improvement. It’s up to each enterprise to choose a strategy for doing this, but the company should at all times work to reduce their impact on the environment. In 2008 we were the first company in the product media industry to achieve both an ISO 14001 and an ISO 9001 certification – for both environment and quality management. We’ve had our approval ever since, and in 2018 we were certified according to a new and improved standard – something that makes us very proud.
  2. Cut costs and save the environment at the same time
    How much does your company spend on disposable coffee cups each year? Save money and the environment by using coffee cups and dishes of good quality, and encourage your employees to only use one cup a day. This will have a positive impact on both the environment and the wallet!!
  3. Choose a reliable supplier(read more about reliable production here)
    Through procurement, we influence manufacturers so that they reduce harmful ingredients or switch to environmentally friendly ingredients and reduce the amount of packaging. We try to make them operate efficiently when it comes to distribution and logistics throughout the whole supply chain. By sales, marketing and our own production, we’ll be an initiator for environmentally friendly choices that our customers make.
  4. Focus on your employees
    By providing your employees with knowledge about green choices, like walking to work or stop printing e-mails, you will influence how they think about impacting the environment, which again will have an effect on their environmental work. Not only will you make your employees more knowledgeable, this will also increase the chance of your company reaching your green goals!!