Together with McDonalds, we do several different types of projects. When new campaigns are to be launched in the restaurant, the idea pitches, and we set up a product package that we believe is suitable for the message to come out best. Project manager for McDonalds and our in-house designer work on teams, and together they look at the type of products and how the design can be adapted to create the common thread within the given theme. 

We often work seasonally, where McDonalds sets the framwork and our project manager uses his expertise to adapt products. In addition to being incredbily creative, McDonalds dares to be different. They dare to to things differently, so it will be OnePieces with burgers on, socks designed like a hamburger and a hat that looks like McFries as served in restaurants. We also work strategically with the use of giveaways to reach customers, both in restaurants and through social media.