Online user guide

General information

This store is punchout enabled towards Buy and Pay. This means you will use the store to collect the items you wish to purchase, and then transfer the items into Buy and Pay where you will complete your purchase. When the order has been approved and assigned a purchasing number in Buy and Pay, the order will automatically transfer back to the store system for handling. 

Prior to entering the store, you were asked to click on a flag selection page.
Even though all the stores are written in english, the currency used in the different stores are different.

You do not need to log in to the store as there is no account handling enabled.
You may browse through the product categories located below the logo, and search bar on a grey pane. You may add items to your basket, adjust the quantity and finish by proceeding to the checkout page.
On the checkout page, you will be asked to transfer the cart to Buy and Pay.


Additional information

The store is hosted and managed by IDÉ House of Brands AS, with their sales team in Oslo, Norway. You may contact our sales team during office hours either through direct chat by pressing the "Help" button located at the bottom right corner of the webshop, or by using the contact information.
IDÉ House of Brands also has a presence in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The merchandise on stock is located at Kerry Logistics AB in Sweden.
Orders after receiving PO in Buy and Pay will have a delivery time ranging from 3-5 days based on your delivery address and distance from the warehouse.

Items from the store will punch out to Buy and Pay excluding VAT. There is a small order fee added to orders when the total order is below a certain amount. For more terms and conditions go to terms & conditions.