Visible with banner, rollups and giveaways

Are you going on a fair or an event, and want to stand out from your competitors? 

It has never been more important to clarify who you are and how you best can added value for your costumers. Are you able to convey this with relevant communication on the right product, this will result in better visibility for the costumers, at the same time as the company builds its own brand. 

Are you going to attend on a fair or an event, is good visibility especially important. Make sure you are visible with a clear message in everything you communicate. Whether it's rollups, banners, through clothing, merch or giveaways. 

The products and produdt media used for fairs and events are also effective on later occasions. Whether it is on a kick off, in the office, on a business trip or other events with the employees. The product build pride and help to create a sense of community among the employees. 

An image illustrating a trade fair with IDÉ logo 
An image illustrating a trade fair with IDÉ logo 
An image illustrating a trade fair with IDÉ logo 


The rate of attention for humans has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds since 2015. The attention rate for a golf fish is 8 seconds. 

It is not strange that it can feel difficult to get the costumers to stop by your stand at a fair. 

An image illustrating a trade fair with IDÉ logo
  1. Start planning early 
    In order to succed with your fair partipation, it is important that you start planning early. How much space do you need on your stand, who attends the fair, which of your competitors will be there, what kind of equipment and display products do you need? 

  2. Make clear goals 
    What do you want to acheive by being at the fair? Whether it is getting new customers to the company or creating buzz about a new product. It is important to have a clear and concrete goals to acheive the best results. 

  3. Decide the design of the stand 
    What should our stand look like and how many square meters do you have available. Design, size and layout can be easily adapted to specific goals. It is also important that the design of the stand reflects your company's profile, both in terms of choosing color and text. 

  4. Giveaways
    Giving away a giveaway or multiple giveaways makes your visitors leave the fair with a good impression. In fact, as many as 88% remember who gave them the product media 12 months later. And if that was not enough to choose your product media as a surprise to potential customers, then it is also worth mentioning that around 40% of giveaways lead to increased business opportunities. See our entire large range here.

  5. Promote yourself in advance 
    Tell your customers and partners where they can find you. Why should they drop by your stand in a amount of other exhibitors? What makes your stand unique and what can you offer your visitors? Use newsletters, social media and the webpage to your advantage. Should you offer a discount to everyone who visits you, or do you have a brand new product no one else has seen before or a great giveaway

  6. Preparation 
    Being prepared gives confidence which leads to trust. Who will represent the company at the fair? Spend time together and practice presentation techniques. Make sure you can answer the important questions.  

  7. Follow up 
    Follow up on everyone you spoke to at the fair. If you have written down who you have talked to during the fair, this makes the job of following up easier. Be active and attentive, show that you remember who they are, what they were interested in and give them a concrete offer. 

An image illustrating a fair stand with logo
An image illustrating a fair stand with logo
An image illustrating a fair stand with logo


Advertising outdoor provides good visibility and shows presence in the market. Fair and event materials such as banners, flags, umberellas, garbage cans, and posters are all examples of advertising that are not perceived as noise in the city, but instead remind customers of your brand.  

An image illustrating a trade fair with IDÉ logo



Place the logo at the top so that it is clearly visible.


You have a few seconds to get the customer's attention. A clear message with a simple call to action quickly tells the customer what you want to achieve. 

"Keep it simple"

Use few pictures and little text. The font should be easy to read and the font size should be large enough. 

Think reusability 

Make a complete stand design, design the elements so that they also can stand separately. In this way, the use value increases. All out fair equipment comes with replaceable tablecloths so you can reuse the system, but change the message.  


A kickoff marks the start of something new. Whether it's a change in the organization, a new year or motivation for the employees, a kickoff will be perfect for motivating and inspiring. 

Kickoff is not only an excellent opportunity to communicate the corporate identity to the employees, but also to give the "boost".  IDÉ House of Brands delivers all you need to arrange a successful kick-off with the "red thread". Clothes, banners, beach flags, balloons, napkins, printed matter and shopping nets, all designed according to their profile.  

We have the products and together we come up with the best solution for your company!


Before you start planning and implementation, it is a good idea to think about the following: 

  1. Clothes 
    Equal clothing gives a greather sense of togetherness and building up under the company's identity. There are many options and you will get far with simple solutions such as a lanyard, hoodie or a t-shirt. You can put together a whole collection of clothes, garments which can later be used in everyday work.  
  2. Profiling
    Beachflags, fairs/presswalls, banners and other promotional materials will convey the company's profile and message in a good and clear way.  
  3. Stationery 
    Remember the professional part. It is a good idea to have a notebook, pen and other appropriate writing materials. This can be easily profiled with the company logo and other message. 
  4. Giveaways
    Why not give the employees profiled small gifts? A water bottle with the perfect message, candy/energy bar or other relevante giveaways. These are products many companies use anyway and which will have an even better effect by being made in the company's own design. 


An image illustrating an office with IDÉ logo on the walls
An image illustrating an office with IDÉ logo on the walls
An image illustrating an office with IDÉ logo on the walls
Footstool with IDÉ logo

Work and private life flows more and more into each other. We work from home and are social at the office. Make the office a place employees wants to be. A social arena where they can discuss subjects and get a good dose of motivation. Branding internally is just as important as for customers.