Uniforms give an impression of professionalism, it profiles the company, at the same time as it gives the employees a sense of belonging.

Simple uniform - suitable for smaller businesses

By simple uniforms, we mean work clothes that are mainly delivered from stock. This suits most companies but opens up for small and medium-sized companies to easily assist employees with work clothes. Everything from restaurants, real estate agents, banks, offices, shops, warehouses, craftsmen and other service professions. The advantage of taking products from stock is that we can deliver quickly and that you do not have to commit to large quantities. This gives you both flexibility and it involves low risk.

We have many partners and can supply uniforms and other equipment to all industries, from robust workwear to neat suits. Even though we put together a collection from stock, we can put together combinations of garments and colors so that it feels unique. It is also possible to make simple adjustments to the garments, such as changing the color of the buttons in the shirt in addition to embroidering or printing the logo. With small grips, the garment becomes more unique and supports the company's profile.

Custom uniform - the best of both worlds

By "custom" uniform we mean a combination of stock items and specially produced workwear. The company is left with unique products with good visibility. The delivery time for the stock items is short at the same time as the various possibilities on the specially produced items are great. We deliver designs and ideas based on your profile and what you want to convey through the uniform.

Special made uniforms

Specially produced Uniform
If you choose to custom-produce your uniform, you have several options. If you already have a collection or want to create a collection, our uniform team can help you.

For existing collections, we can look at different options, whether it is on materials, cuts, designs, accessories or price. If you want to make a new collection, we can assist you throughout the process. We can design unique uniforms that reflects you profile. 

Special production requires a minimum quantity, but the price per garment is often lower than when buying stock items. The big advantage is that we have the opportunity to adapt the products to the user and not least the use.