The Nordic region's largest supplier of product media. We build relationships between people in working life.

Product media is about communicating using products. The products must tell a story, and it is important to us that your story is told correctly. We have been in the industry for 30 years, read more about our story here, and our strength lies in the competence of our employees. We have deliberately chosen to have important functions in-house. As a total supplier of product media, we help you throughout chain from IDÉ, design and concept to production, warehousing and logistics. We have offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, and our project managers are ready to develop product media together with you and your company!


Our project managers have unique expertise to be able to choose the right product at the right opportunity and at the right price.

Our purchasing department establishes long-term relationships with our partners.

Our designers know their design manual and provide the common thread. They set up sketches according to your wishes.

Our warehouse handles all logistics and distribution.


In addition to delivering product media, we also provide a number of services that simplify the purchasing process. Idea and concept development, we build online stores, solve logistics challenges and design tasks. With this we call ourselves a total supplier of product media. 


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Creativity and strategic choices are crucial to capture customers' attention. A concept is a well-thought-out idea with a clear plan for how to achieve the goals of the idea. The market strategy lays the foundation for what is to be communicated, to whom and how - and a good concept contributes to this being done in an efficient and effective way. Read more



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IDÉ House of Brands developes and runs online stores for customers. This means that all your product media will be avaliable in a webshop, easy for your employees to order and get delivered to their location. We handle administration, customer service, warehousing and delivery - you choose the products. We currently operate and maintain 170 online stores for our customers in the Nordic region. Read more



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We currently operate with a PIM solution as a central archive for product information, digital resource management and content management system. For optimal logistics flow, our system is integrated with our logistics partners. Read more


Let's get in touch!

IDE@IDEGROUP.NO |  +47 64 90 51 60


Our strategy and working method commit us to reducing the environmental impact and improving the environmental results. We encourage all our customers and suppliers to do the same. Read more


IDÉ House of Brands works to have a sustainable business practice with respect for people, society and the environment. This means that current generations must be able to meet their needs without destroying future generations. Read more


We adapt our purchasing routines so that our partners have the opportunity to meet the requirements we set to ensure good conditions for people, society and the environment. Our purchasing department works actively to create long-term relationships with partners who show a special willingness and ability to work with a positive development in the supply chain. Read more


With offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, we cover the entire Nordic region, and we therefore have someone who can help you no matter where in the Nordic region they are located. Countries and cultures are different, local adjustments to products and deliveries are important, we know this. With us, you get a creative team of product media specialists who work to ensure that your message is communicated in the best possible way.


Drøbak, Norway
Dyrløkkeveien 19
1448 Drøbak
+47 64 90 51 60

Stockholm, Sweden
Klarabergsviadukten 63
111 64 Stockholm 
+46 8 556 023 60

Kolding, Denmark
Platinvej 67
6000 Kolding
+45 75 75 25 75

Espoo, Finland
Kutojantie 6-8
02630 Espoo
+358 10 327 5800

Kópavogur, Iceland 
Turnahvarf 6b 
203 kópavogur 
+354 7735992