Goal13: Climate action

"Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere."

The amount of greenhouse gases continues to increase and climate change is happening faster than expected. The effects of climate change are visible all over the world. The global average temperature has risen by about 1 ° C since pre-industrial times, and sea levels continue to rise. The poorest are hit the hardest. Countries have submitted national reduction plans, but they are not comprehensive enough.

What does it take?

Climate change is a global issue and knows no borders. It is important to limit the increase in average temperature to 1.5 ° C if the world wants to avoid catastrophic consequences in the future. We need to find global solutions in a number of areas. In addition to cutting emissions and capturing and storing CO2, more investment must be made in renewable energy, new industrial systems and changes in infrastructure. In addition, we must invest in protecting, adapting and limiting the extent of damage.

What does IDÉ House of Brands do?

Strengthen the ability of individuals and companies to counteract, adapt and reduce the consequences of climate change, as well as strengthen knowledge and awareness of this by focusing on the environment in our communication

  • Encourages quality over quantity - less consumption 
  • Manufactures products in more environmentally friendly materials
  • Prepares environmental accounts
  • Uses renewable energy where possible
  • Affects the purchasing process so that customers are out early to avoid air freight
  • Reduce unnecessary use of environmentally harmful materials
  • Reuse where we can 
  • Recycle