IDÉ House of Brands is a proud sustainability partner with SOS Children's Villages

We are a company that cares about others, and that creates change through security and care. That is why we work closely with SOS Children's Villages.

At IDÉ House of Brands, we define social responsibility as "a long-term commitment to commercial success, through working methods that respect ethical values, people, the environment and nature". 

We are committed to delivering security to our customers at all levels, and it is very important to us that our customers experience us as a safe profile partner. The collaboration with SOS Children's Villages builds on the driving force in our work, which is sustainable value creation and the principle of continuous improvement.

Join you too

IDÉ offers a number of solutions for you who want to invest in society through chartitable contributions. No matter which product you buy from us, you can donate an agreed amount to SOS Children's Villages. You choose the sum, we tailor the solution, everything from packaging to cards and logistics. Christmas is a holiday where we think extra about those who do not have much. Our christmas gift range can be combined with your social sustainability strategy. A christmas gift communicates well with the right message.

Girl smiling with birthday hat and cake around her mouth

Invest in the community with us!

We want to invite you as a customer to join investing in society, so that together we can contribute to even more children having a safe childhood.

Growing up with good care is not only the best thing for each individual child, it is also socioeconomically profitable. There is considerable documentation of the societal costs of not investing in care, and at the same time the profitability of ensuring that children have a safe childhood. SOS Children's Villages estimates that for every kroner invested in a safe upbringing, society gets five kroner back. 

90% of children who have received support through SOS Children's Villages programs score highly in a recent survey on quality of life (Boston Consulting Group, 2017).

We offer many different solutions for you who want to contribute to charity, and give you the opportunity to make a donation in combination with other product purchases. We also have good solutions for how you can communicate this internally in the company in the form of cards and package solutions. In this way, your employees will receive both a gift and a message, which tells what the company supports and stands for, at the same time as you as a company are investing in society.

About SOS Children's Villages

All children have the right to a safe childhood. Nevertheless: One in ten children in the world is alone or at risk of being left alone. This amounts to around 220 million children. It is especially these children and their families that SOS Children's Villages help. 

  • SOS Children's Villages works to realize children's rights both in Norway and internationally. Care is a basic human right, and a prerequisite for children to be included in and benefit from other developmental measures. 
  • SOS Children's Villages is established in 135 countries, and has programs for children, families and communities in 129 countries. More than 89 640 children and young people live in SOS families or participate in youth programs, and more than 505 000 children and adults are part of the SOS family program.
  • SOS Children's Villages helps children who have lost, or who are in danger of losing the care of their family. SOS Children's Villages goal is for children to grow up with good care in a family. SOS Children's Villages' model is both about giving a new home to children who need it, as well as preventing reasons for families to split up. 83% of the income goes directly to the purpose. 16% goes to investing in growth and new income, and 1% is used for administration. 

SOS Children's Villages is an international organization that works to ensure that children grow up with good care in a stable family. SOS Children's Villages was established in 1949 and has over 70 years of experience. SOS Children's Villages are religiously and politically neutral. The organization's solutions are based on the UN Convention on the right of the child and guidelines for alternative care. 

Read more about SOS Children's Villages here.