Upcycling - creative reuse

Did you know that old business uniforms can live on as new products? Or that used textiles can turn into new uniforms? You can make a cool bag from used work trousers, or hats and bags can be made from safety vests. The possibilities are many and with our innovative partners, as much as possible will be at the expense of

About 50 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year, and most of them will not break down. This is why we need to talk about upcycling, also known as creative recycling.

This is a process where you transform used clothes, waste and other seemingly useless things into new products of better quality and environmental value. Old products are given a new and higher value, in contrast to normal recycling, where materials and products most often become new products, of lower value and quality

Upcycling practices a more circular economy, where resources are used for as long as possible, and reused when use is over. Using existing materials reduces the use of new raw materials, which leads to a reduction in energy consumption, air pollution, water pollution and even climate emissions.

Your advantages with a circular uniform are a unique garment with a special character. You get a finished result of good quality and you can strengthen your brand by being sustainable.

Two recommendations for the next time your company orders new uniforms:

1. Ask about the price of both a circular t-shirt, an environmentally friendly t-shirt and a regular t-shirt. The price difference is not that big, and then it may be that you end up doing something good for the planet as well.
2. Contact us before your company gets rid of old uniforms, and together we can come up with a creative solution.