Nordea is a leading Nordic full-service bank with approximately 28.000 employees. Their customers consist of about 9.2 million private customers, about 540.000 small and medium-sized companies and about 2350 large companies and institutions. In 2019, Nordea sought a new Nordic supplier for product media and gifts. The choice fell in IDÉ House of Brands and our Nordic holistic concept, which includes a central distribution warehouse, cross-border online store solution and a Nordic customer team with responsibility for both coordination and local support. Total purchasing volume provides cost savings, and an online store that is fully integrated with Nordea's purchasing system makes the ordering and invoicing process seamless. 

Different Nordea product media, like pens and bottles
Piggy bank keychain with blue Nordea logo
White golf ball with blue Nordea logo
Blue drawstring bag with pride flag


Blue drawstring bag with pride flag