Your privacy and how we take care of it

IDÈ House of Brands is a B2B business. This means that the most of the data we have stored is on your company, but we also have personal information on contact persons in the various companies. 

By personal information we mean the data we collect and store about you and how you interact with IDÉ House of Brands, which directly og indirectly identifies you. The data we store is used to maintain our customer relationship with you, send offers and complete deliveries, give you a better customer experience, invite you to customer evenings and to improve us. Below you can read about how we collect data and manage your personal information in accordance with the new privacy legislation (GDPR).

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the name of the new privacy legislation that will lead to strengthened privacy rights, increased obligations to protect data, mandatory reporting of incidents and penalties for non-compliance, to secure your information. GDPR is about privacy, security, transparency and ultimately trust. 

As a customer of ours, you must always be confident that we process your information in accordance with the law, and it is important for us to be transparent in how we process your data. 

About IDÉ
IDÈ House of Brands has for over 30 years been a supplier of product media and gift products to the corporate market. We have offices in all the Nordic countries, and our head office is in Drøbak. Read more about us here.

Why we collect information about you:
We collect information about you in order to maintain our customer relationship with you. By this we mean the data needed in connection with sales and maintaining our customer relationship with you. Your information can also be used to send you relevant offers and promotions, as well as information about our fairs and events. 

What type of information do we collect about you: 

  • As a customer of IDÉ House of Brands, we collect the following contact details for our contact persons: name, telephone number, e-mail, job title/function, as well as company name and contact information for your company.
  • We also store orders placed by these contacts, as well as requests and other inquiries. We collect this in order to be able to fulfill our obligation to you, as well as process future requests. 
  • We can also store information that you provide to us through registrations for events, feedback on customer relationship and other communication. 

We collect and process data such as:

  • You give us when you create a customer relationship with us
  • You state when you contact us by e-mail, telephone, social media, shipments, etc. 
  • Information from when you use our services - for example by using our website or ordering system
  • Information you provide when registering for trade fairs and customer evenings
  • By responding to customer surveys, etc.
  • Cookies through website
  • Information that you voluntarily provide to us, we do not collect information for this purpose from third parties.

This information is primarily for use in a sales/purchase situation. It is voluntary to provide this information. If you choose not to provide the personal information, we may be prevented from giving you access to the product or service.

IDÉ House of Brands does not collect personal information such as date of birth and social security number, or information about personal payment cards. 

 Authorization to collect personal information:

IDÉ House of Brands does not share, sell or exchange your information with any third party without your consent.
IDÉ House of Brands is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in accordance with the EU Privacy Regulation (2016/679) of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). The privacy statement applies to IDÉ's websites and online stores. IDE HOUSE OF BRANDS AS (org. no. 972086444) is responsible for the processing of personal information collected on the website and in the online store. 

Published august 2021