Head office Drøbak

Visiting address: Dyrløkkeveien 19, 1448 Drøbak
Postal address: PB 24, 1441 Drøbak

Tel: +47 64 90 51 60
Email: ide@ide.no

IDÉ House of Brands' head office is located in a modern business building overlooking the golf course at the descent to Drøbak center. Four sales teams and IDÉ's support functions work here:

  • Economy 
  • Warehouse/distribution 
  • Publisher 
  • Market 
  • Purchasing 
  • Design 

The sales department and the support department consist of 17 people each. We have a good mix of young courage and confident experience. 

IDÉ House of Brands delivers product media, clothing, gifts and promotional products to the corporate market. The products works best when you choose a product that emphasizes the goal your organization want to achieve. 

We have more than 30 years of experience in developing and selecting gifts and product media that make you recognizable. Our four sales teams are happy to help you with the process. 

Our customers are both local, national and Nordic. We collaborate just as much locally, as nationally and not least with our Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Finnish colleagues. 

IDÉ House of Brands is ISO certified for quality (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001), and a member of IEH (Ethical Trade Initiative). 

If you want to see some of the several thousand products we can deliver, we are happy to take you to our magnificent showroom in Oslo, only 35km from Drøbak!