Tailor-made gift programs

Everyone want to find the ideal gift for our employees. A gift is your opportunity to motivate the employees and thank them for the efforts they make throughout the year.

Here at IDÉ House of Brands you can tailor your own gift program to simplify the process and limit the time you spend finding the right gift. We deliver everything giftwrapped, with a thank you note either to the office or to the employee's home.

Icons that show how a gift is transported from A to Z


You are free to choose whether the employee will be allowed to choose their own gift based on our range of 300 gifts, or whether we will put together a selection that reflects your company's values. Do not forget that we can also help you with occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, competitions, etc.

Take a look at some of the options we can offer you and your employees, and get in touch if any of the solutions should be good for your company.

Gift certificate

Let the employees choose for themselves. Each employee receives a unique login so that they can easily choose a gift from a wide range. The gift selection includes the brands Snö of Sweden, Spiegelau, Remington, STANLEY and many more.

Read more about our gift cards here

Custom gift program

You choose the gifts, we tailor a web solution! You are free to choose from our range of 300 gifts, we put it all together in a digital solution with a design according to your wishes.

Anniversary, birthday and wedding

Whether it is the company that celebrates an anniversary, an employee who marries, or has children, attention is appreciated. We choose a fixed selection presented in a digital solution that you can pick from.

A motivating gift for good effort

Good results should be rewarded! Excellent achievements or a sales competition? A well-thought-out appreciation makes it extra attractive to work harder.

Vinga Sweden gift and gift card