Kick-off and events

A Kick-off marks the start of something new. Whether it's a change in the organization, a new year or motivation for the employees, a kick-off will be perfect for motivating and inspiring.

Kick-off is not only an excellent opportunity to communicate the corporate identity to the employees, but also to give them a "boost". IDÉ House of Brands delivers what you need to arrange a successful kick-off. Clothes, banners, beach flags, balloons and napkins, printed matter and shopping nets, all designed according to your profile.

We have the selection and together we come up with the best solution for you. No challenge is too big or IDÉ too difficult!

An image that illustrates an event with a lot of people
An image that illustrates an event with a lot of people
An image that illustrates an event with a lot of people

En god huskeliste

Before you start planning we have 4 tips for  you:

  1. Clothes
    Equal clothing gives a greater sense of togetherness and builds on the company's identity. There are many possibilities and you will come a long way with simple solutions such as a lanyard, hoodie/t-shirt or shirts. 
  2. Visibility
    Beach flags, press walls, banners and other promotional materials will convey the company's profile and message in a good way.
  3. Stationery
    Remember the professional part. It is a good idea to have a notebook, pen and other appropriate writing materials. This can be easily profiled with the company logo and another message.
  4. Giveaways
    Why not give the employees a small gift? A drinking bottle with the perfect message, candy/energy bar and other relevant giveaways. These are products many companies use anyway and which will have an even better effect in the company's own design.
Blue dosplays products
Dosplay products
Blue sweater and grey jacket with IDÉ logo
Blue giveaways with IDÉ logo