Mascot - a unique opportunity to create engagement

A mascot can act as the face of your company, sports association or organization. With the help of a literary, animated or fictional character, you have a unique opportunity to create an engagement with both children and adults.

In today's market which is strongly influenced by social media, positive engagement can be a huge "boost" for the popularity of your business. If you combine the right message with the right mascot, this will create a community around the brand, which is difficult to compete with.

Advantages of using a mascot:

  • Creates community

  • Creates engagement

  • Collaborates well with other channels, especially social media

  • Communicates good values

  • Induces nostalgic feelings in the recipient

Different mascots on the beach
Different mascots on the beach
Different mascots on the beach


Bjørnis the Fire Bear - a customer journey with the Norwegian Fire Protection Association

Bjørnis the Fire Bear was made to meet children's needs for care and safety in the event of fire and other accidents, and to give children and adults good advice on fire protection. Bjørnis started as an idea and a desire to have something to give to children and young people in a desperate situation after a fire or accident. Firefighter Rikard B. Heimen liked the idea and decided that this was something he should achieve - and the fire bear was created. The teddy bear was named Bjørnis after the nickname of the now retired firefighter Bjørn Hellan who first got the idea for the fire teddy bear.

Bjørnis the Fire Bear backpack
Bjørnis the Fire Bear Mascot
Bjørnis the Fire Bear Mascot
Bjørnis the Fire Bear Reflex