From IDÉ to concept

What is a good concept? And what does it take to create a whole in marketing communication? Our concept developers know that.

Creativity and strategic choices are crucial to competing for and capturing customer attention. A concept is simply a well-thought-out idea with a clear plan for how to achieve the goals of the idea.

The marketing strategy lays the foundation for what is to be communicated, to whom and how - and a good concept helps to ensure that this is done efficiently and effectively.

Our concept developers are experts in taking a wish or an idea from the customers as a starting point and transform it into a clear concept. To develop a successful concept, we need to be involved in the brainstorming as early as possible - so that we can see the whole picture and build the concept together with the customer. 

A Process, a partner

We are the total supplier that helps you from the IDÈ to finished concept!

How to build a successful concept - 4 steps

1. What do you want to achieve?
Always have a clear goal. Do you want to build a stronger brand, do you want to increase sales, build a reputation or recruit. You may want to have sub-goals below, but remember to focus on the main goal.

3. What is your message?
What do we want to tell the target group? The message must reflect the overall goal of the project.

2. Who is your target audience?
Know who you are talking to, in this way you use the correct lingual.

4. What is your budget?
Set the framework for the project and create a budget that makes it possible to create a concept with a clear common thread. 

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When new products are to be developed, or existing products are to be further developed, there are two factors that are crucial to get a good result: Innovation and inspiration. But what do we really put in those terms?

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