Product branding 

Choosing the right print for a product is cruical to how the message arrives and how the product communicates. 

Products are just products before they are decorated with a message. Only then can we call it a product media. IDÉ House of Brands has its own advisors who help choose which prints are suitable for different products. We work with the best printing companies in Europe, and have the opportunity to priny unique motives. With the right print, a simple t-shirt can become an effective marketing channel, and in som cases also a collector`s item. 

See the most common printing methods below:


Transfer is first printed on a special paper, which is then transferred to the garment using a heat press. Fits well for, for example, caps, bags, t-shirts and jackets. The most affordable printing alternative for larger runs from stock. 

Advantages of transferprint:

  • Good for large editions 
  • Quick application 
  • Fits well when there is a need for supplementation 

Digital print

Digital print is suitable for everything from textiles from cotton or cotton blends to polyester and materials that attract moisture. 

DTG-printer (Direct to garment printer) prints directly on the the fabric with environmentally friendly water-based inks throughout the CMYC-spectrum. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that it can print over zippers and seams, which provides unique opportunities for placement of motives. 

Advantages of digitalprint:

  • No start-up cost
  • Uses environmentally friendly water-based inks 
  • Short delivery 
  • Full color print
  • Printer over buttons, zippers and seams
  • No minimum number


Embroidery fits well on most garments. An embroidery can contain many different colors or be done with a color that goes tone-on-tone with the garment for a stylish look. It is the needle and thread that makes the embroidery, so if you are dependent on a 100% reproduction of the design, you should consider printing the logo instead of embroidering it. Uansett, mulighetene er mange og vi skal hjelpe og veilede deg. Regardless, the possibilities are many and we will help and guide you.

Blue shirt with embroided Jernia logo

Silkscreen print 

The pressure is printed directly on the garment, and is often both the cheapest and best printing option on larger prints. Fits garments such as t-shirts, sweathers and the like. With silkscreen printing, we can print up to 14 colors in on tap!

Advantages of silkscreen print:

  • Durable
  • The pressure becomes a part of the garment 
Black t shirt with silkscreen print

Silkscreen printing effects

There are several types of special effects that will make your message even clearer. Highlight part of the pressure or put gel in the print so that it protrudes from the garment. The special effects are an effective way to put the focus there desires in your communication. The possibilites are many and the effect is great. 

Red and pink silkscreen printing effects
White silkscreen printing effects
Green silkscreen printing effects
Silver silkscreen printing effects
Black and yellow silkscreen printing effects
Yellow, red, green and blue silkscreen printing effects