Goal 8: Decent work and Economic Growth

About half of the world's population earns so little that they cannot live on their wages.
Creating good quality jobs is a major challenge for all countries until 2030.

What needs to be done?
To eradicate poverty and fight inequality in the world, everyone must have jobs.
For that to happen, we must create fair economic growth and new jobs.
This means that we must include young people in the labor market, ensure a stable and secure working life, make it easier to get more women into work and reduce informal and undeclared work.

What does IDÉ House of Brands do?

We consider responsible purchasing practice to be one of our most important tools for combating goal 8. We adapt our purchasing routines so that we strengthen our partners' opportunities to deliver on the requirements we set in our code of conduct. Our purchasing department works actively to establish long-term relationships with partners who show particular willingness and ability to work with positive development in the supply chain. In addition to this, we work closely with IEH, Ethical Trade Initiative Norway, and work according to the obligations it entails.